11/5/22 Restaurant inspections | Community | lufkindailynews.com

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The following is a list of restaurant inspections performed by the Angelina County & Cities Health District.

The reports take into account the cleanliness of the restaurant or business, not the quality of the food. Disposable Plates And Cups Making Machine

11/5/22 Restaurant inspections | Community | lufkindailynews.com

Texas Bible College, 3900 College Drive, Lufkin

Reasons for violations: observed black slime in the ice cavity where the ice drops from the machine, ice makers and soft drink nozzles must be cleaned on a routine basis to prevent the development of slime, mold or soil residues that may contribute to an accumulation of microorganisms; observed box of disposable cups stored directly on floor, single-service items shall be stored at least 6 inches above the floor in a clean dry location; observed personal items on kitchen countertops, personal belongings can contaminate food, food equipment and food contact surfaces, proper storage facilities are required

General comment: Person in charge stated a remodel will be done in December during Christmas break. Observed wood nonfood contact surfaces in walk-in cooler. 4-101.19: Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment routinely exposed to splash or food debris are required to be constructed of nonabsorbent materials to facilitate cleaning. Equipment that is easily cleaned minimizes the presence of pathogenic organisms, moisture and debris and deters the attraction of rodents and insects.

Wendy’s, 2212 S. First St., Lufkin

Reasons for violations: employees observed not washing hands for 20 seconds and in-between tasks, verbal guidance given to two employees on the importance of when and how to wash hands properly, manager will have an in-service with staff; manager card is not posted next to the health permit, manager placed the food managers card next to the permit at exit; upon entry a male employee was observed on his cellphone on the prep line, then was seen handling hamburger buns with no gloves or hand washing, operation was halted to give verbal guidance on bare hand contact and proper glove usage, employee discarded contaminated food, and inspector had the employee demonstrate proper hand washing; fry cook and window employees observed handling the french fry container in a manner that her bare hand contacted the food, grab the sides of the container, not the top rim, fries discarded; drink being filled at the drive-thru window must be filled with an ice scoop or dispenser, employees at the window are using the single-service cups to dispense the ice, verbal guidance given to management and a scoop was placed at the ice unit, in-service needed to educate employees, employees should not fill personal drinks that were observed to have no straw or lid unless a scoop is used; several containers of single-service items were being stored on the floor by the back door, manager states the shipment came in Saturday and she is trying to find a place to store them, boxes appeared to be in good condition with no water damage; external RPZ not observed at the ice machine, drain line at the ice machine is damaged and stored directly in the floor drain, if no RPZ provided, an air gap is required; leak observed at the front hand sink, repairs needed; standing water observed at the ice machine, repairs needed; several flies observed while conducting the routine inspection, drive-thru window was observed being stored open while serving customers, the self-closure on both drive-thru windows are not functioning, repairs required to help prevent the entry; replace damaged and missing ceiling tiles that are directly above the hot water heater; seal all utility lines at the ceiling above the ice machine and at drive-thru window near the office; replace the missing ceiling tile directly above the drive thru window.

General comment: Routine inspection conducted early due to a complaint from the public: Complainant states someone spit in his son’s burger. No evidence to validate claim was observed at the time of inspection. Manager is actively working to validate the claim also; complainant states food was given to her by drive-thru Wendy’s employee then taken back because the food order was incorrectly given to the customer. Customer physically touched the burger to see what was on it. The manager on shift requested the burger be returned, which it was. Then the manager wrapped the burger back up and placed it in a bag for the correct customer. No evidence was found to validate the claim at the time of inspection. Complainant states a young male employee was observed to drink from a small single-service cup with no straw, emptied the cup and refilled the cup that touched his mouth with no ice scoop. The cup went directly in the ice bin. Complaint validated. No ice scoop was stored or being used at the ice bin.

Cici’s Pizza, 3053 S. John Redditt Drive, Lufkin

Reasons for violations: priority violation items noted during inspection; observed food being held at the salad bar out of temperature, cucumbers observed at 50 degrees, cut leafy greens observed at 46 degrees, discontinue using cold-holding unit for cold-holding until repairs are made and equipment maintains proper temperature, corrected on site, food discarded, bacterial growth and/or toxin production can occur if time/temperature control for safety food remains in the temperature “Danger Zone” of 41 to 135 degrees too long, operations requiring heating or cooling of food should be performed as rapidly as possible to avoid the possibility of bacterial growth; observed rusted bottom shelf of prep table in front area, non food contact surfaces shall be smooth, easily cleanable and non absorbent; 0 PPM observed at sanitation sink utilizing chemical test strips, automatic dispenser not dispensing chemical sanitation at three-compartment sink, work order placed; 0 PPM observed in chemical sanitation buckets, employee stated only soap is being utilized, corrected on site, verbal guidance given, and chemical sanitation was corrected, maintain sanitizing solutions in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that they continue to generate the sanitizer chemicals in the form and concentration for proper sanitation; observed cold-holding unit utilized for salad bar not maintaining temperature in upper compartments, cucumber observed at 50 degrees and cut leafy greens observed at 46 degrees, person in charge stated they had issues with the unit previously, discontinue using unit until repairs are made, work order placed; observed missing baffle on ice machine, proper maintenance of equipment to manufacturer specifications helps ensure that it will continue to operate as designed; observed encrusted deposits on baking equipment, the objective of cleaning focuses on the need to remove organic matter from food-contact surfaces so that sanitization can occur and to remove soil from nonfood contact surfaces so that pathogenic microorganisms will not be allowed to accumulate and insects and rodents will not be attracted; observed food debris on cooling racks; observed debris and food buildup in oven; observed food debris buildup on the back of make-table, the objective of cleaning focuses on the need to remove organic matter from food-contact surfaces so that sanitization can occur and to remove soil from nonfood contact surfaces so that pathogenic microorganisms will not be allowed to accumulate and insects and rodents will not be attracted; no trash can observed conveniently located near handwashing sink; observed damaged floor tiles in warewashing area; increase grout along floor tiles where missing or standing water is observed; no paper towels at handwashing sinks in food prep area, provisions must be provided for hand drying so that employees will not dry their hands on their clothing or other unclean materials.

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11/5/22 Restaurant inspections | Community | lufkindailynews.com

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