19 Best Summer Sandals 2021 — Top Sandals to Shop Now

2022-05-20 21:43:33 By : Ms. Snow Liu

Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most. We may earn commission from the links on this page.

Vibes, vibes, and more vibes.

Bye, slippers! Bye, sneakers! Bye, UGG boots! We're wearing revenge shoes only from here on out. Contrary to popular belief, that doesn't mean you need to roll up in a pair of four-inch pumps. A pair of sickening platforms or super strappy (read: sexy) sandals will give off that same "vaccinated and ready to party" vibe that is going to be the tone of summer 2021.

So before you hit the pool, the mall, the beach, a house party, scroll through this list and get yourself a cute pair of Going Out Sandals.

Tevas are the cool-girl sneaker of the sandal world. Don't ask me to explain. 

ICYMI: ruched sandals are a complete vibe for summer 2021. 

Never thought I'd be out here contemplating a pair of wedge flip-flops, but here we are!

These babies just dropped. They'll probably start going viral on TikTok in three... two... one...

The perfect sandal for channeling your inner '00s emo kid.

You will pass any and every vibe check in these strappy babes and that's a promise. 

*Orders fifth pair of Birkenstocks.*

Ok, how cute would these be with a little white dress? 

Don't have your prom shoes yet? I got you. 

Blue croc, a rhinestone buckle, and a chic platform? These sandals have no business being this cute.

Loading: adorable beach content.

These low-key remind me of the viral Gucci sandals, but like much cooler. 

If you're wanting the basic sandal you've seen all over IG, keep it moving. These babies are for wild ones only. 

If ya want that early-2000s aesthetic, platform thongs are the absolute best option.

These come with a built-in ankle bracelet. I feel like that's reason enough to buy, no?

A tribute to Billie Eilish's neon green mullet. RIP, miss u. 

In case you're wondering that's on my personal summer shopping list...

Only buy these if you're cool with people asking where you got them like 10 times a day.