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2022-03-11 08:53:09 By : Ms. Linda Luo

Listen, there's just no denying it anymore. Crocs are great, they've always been great, and they will continue to be great long after we've left this mortal coil and our children's children's children are inhabiting the planet in ugly, rubbery footwear — and they, too, will use the word "ugly" with love. If you're still resistant to the idea of encasing your foot in a blob-shaped shoe made out of patented foam, take a moment to consider this: What's more important, your comfort, or your preconceived notions of proper aesthetic? 

Right now, you can stock up on your favorite Crocs and save 15 percent using the code 15OFF2P at checkout. The code only works if you buy two or more pairs, so there's no need to hold back, especially when there are so many fun colors to choose from.

Even better than the original Croc clog is the ultra-cozy winter version, the Classic Lined Clog. It's almost exactly the same as the original slip-on shoe, but it's got a soft, fuzzy layer inside that makes it supremely toasty for the colder months. It's also got the original's pivoting heel straps for a secure fit, holes for Crocs' beloved customizable Jibbitz charms, and all of the comfort the brand puts into every shoe. They're lightweight, easy to pop on to step outside, and comfortable enough to wear around the house — name a better shoe than that.

Buy It! Crocs Classic Lined Clog, $50.99 with code 15OFF2P (orig. $59.99);

The Crocs Classic Lined Clog are co-signed by the more than 7,000 shoppers who have left five-star reviews for their comfort and versatilty. "My Classic Lined Clogs are awesome," one five-star reviewer wrote. "Just in time for those cold winter days in the house. They are very comfortable and roomier than traditional slippers." 

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Other reviewers wax poetic about how the lined Crocs are great for when you don't feel like wearing socks (because who does, really?). Older shoppers attest that they provide arch support, while others insist that they're right for just about anyone who needs comfortable shoes to stand in, even if it's just to do chores. One reviewer even said her husband found the shoes so comfortable, he "rushes to our bedroom" to put them on in the evening. 

To put your feet in a whole new world, pick your two favorite colors and stock up on the Classic Lined Clogs before this Crocs deal ends on February 28. Just don't forget to add 15OFF2P at checkout.

Buy It! Crocs Classic Lined Clog, $50.99 with code 15OFF2P (orig. $59.99);

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