Palm Angels Creates Laid Back Individuality With Their New Fall/Winter 2022 Collection - V Magazine

2022-03-11 08:53:25 By : Mr. DI YI

Combining high fashion motifs with leisurewear style, Palm Angels brings both class and comfort to the runway. 

Combining high fashion motifs with leisurewear style, Palm Angels brings both class and comfort to the runway. 

Since the beginning Palm Angels has been a company that ahs worked to celebrate individuality. Founder and creative director Francesco Ragazzi combines reality with magic, and invites all to come as they are. For the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, Ragazzi expands upon these ideals. By looking through a Palm Angels lens, Ragazzi creates the collection through the unity in fragmentation and the identity in multiplicity. 

California is the backdrop of the new Palm Angels identity. Using a sunsetting runway that emulates the sunsets on Sunset Blvd,  a posse of people sporting the new collection walk down. The new pieces embody a timeless appeal, and can be styled differently based on the individual needs of the wearer. Classic staples, such as trench coats, cardigan jackets, leather and shearling jackets, blazers, bombers, bermuda shorts and pajamas are reimagined in the Palm Angels aesthetic. Animal spots, palm motifs, and flames cover these basic essentials, elevating them to a streetwear staple. 

The brand stays true to its roots by taking luxury wear and turning it into classy leisurewear. Leisure suits are redesigned with a tracksuit band waist, varsity emblems are added to tweed jackets, and blazers are given a shimmering touch with rhinestones. While the overall color palette consists of varying neutrals and shades of green, red, and blue, metallics bridge the gap of daytime and nighttime wear. 

The accessories for the collection further expand upon the luxury leisurewear. Fur slippers, new Vans collaboration sneakers, and new collaboration Moon Boots serve as the footwear for the new looks. They can bring a more laid back look to a sophisticated level, or tone down one of the collections more high fashion looks. Small, compact bags with the Palm Angels logo as a closure, are the key accessories. Paired with matching dangling palm necklaces and chic sunglasses, these accessories exude an LA look. 

The Palm Angels Fall/Winter 2022 look is bring LA leisure to high fashion. Whether it’s an elasticated waist suit pant, or a revamped trench coat, this new collection will elevate any look while still remaining classic and comfortable.